2 Benefits of Compounding Your Pet's Medication

If your pet is unwell, no doubt you will want to do everything you can to help them to recover. Your first port of call will probably be your local vet clinic. After the vet has examined and treated your pet, they may prescribe medication. It is at this point that knowing about compounding services could help you and your pet. Compounding involves mixing the ingredients used in medication to produce new ways of administering them or new combinations of drugs.

How a Compounding Pharmacy Can Help Balance Your Hormones

Traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a one-size-fits-all approach to balancing hormones and easing the symptoms of hormone-related conditions, such as the menopause, post-partum depression and pre-menstrual syndrome. The hormones used are synthetically produced or harvested from pregnant mares, and treatment is only available in a few different dosages. However, as all women have different endocrine systems with varying degrees of hormone insufficiency, traditional HRT isn't always effective at balancing a woman's hormones.