How a Compounding Pharmacy Can Help Balance Your Hormones

Traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a one-size-fits-all approach to balancing hormones and easing the symptoms of hormone-related conditions, such as the menopause, post-partum depression and pre-menstrual syndrome. The hormones used are synthetically produced or harvested from pregnant mares, and treatment is only available in a few different dosages.

However, as all women have different endocrine systems with varying degrees of hormone insufficiency, traditional HRT isn't always effective at balancing a woman's hormones.

The Benefits Of Bioidentical HRT

Bioidentical HRT is a customised approach to balancing hormones and only uses hormones that are chemically identical to those naturally found in women, which can make treatment more effective due to your body recognising the hormones you have been prescribed.

This form of HRT is only available from a compounding pharmacist, and the pharmacist will work with your doctor to create hormone replacement cream, gel, capsules or suppositories that will meet your specific needs based on the results of saliva testing, which allows your doctor to measure your hormone levels and identify imbalances.

How To Utilise A Compounding Pharmacy

You can't take your prescription for traditional HRT drugs to a compounding pharmacy and expect them to give you a bespoke product in return. Your doctor will give you a special prescription detailing your hormone replacement needs and the pharmacist will work with you and your doctor to create HRT products that work for you.  

The strength and dosage can be changed as often as you need, so it's possible to get just the right amount of HRT using compounding services, while standard pharmacies can only offer you the generic products they stock. It can take a compounding pharmacy more time to fill a prescription than it would a standard pharmacy, as they often serve a larger geographical area, so give them your prescription at least a week in advance.

Other Ways A Compounding Pharmacy Can Help

In addition to being able to provide you with a customised dose of HRT drugs, a compounding pharmacist can alter the form of your prescription. For example, if you have a dairy allergy, they can take dairy ingredients, which are commonly added as fillers, out of your prescription and replace them with hypoallergenic alternatives. Additionally, capsules can be broken down and suspended in an oral solution if you find them difficult to swallow and flavouring can be added to make it more palatable.

If you require HRT and want to try the bioidentical approach to balancing your hormones, ask your doctor to provide you with a compounding prescription, which allows the pharmacist to alter your prescription in order to optimise the efficacy of your treatment.