2 Benefits of Compounding Your Pet's Medication

If your pet is unwell, no doubt you will want to do everything you can to help them to recover. Your first port of call will probably be your local vet clinic. After the vet has examined and treated your pet, they may prescribe medication. It is at this point that knowing about compounding services could help you and your pet. Compounding involves mixing the ingredients used in medication to produce new ways of administering them or new combinations of drugs. Below is a guide to everything you need to know about compounding medications for pets.

Compounding medication makes it easier to administer the drug

Many traditional medicines come in pill form. It can be very difficult to encourage your pet to swallow medication. If you attempt to hide the medicine in their food, it is likely that a pet will detect what it considers to be a strange object and will avoid it. Some vets recommend that you place the pill right on the back on the pet's tongue and then clamp their mouth shut until they swallow it. Not only can this be very distressing for the animal, but it is also often an ineffective way of administering medication as your pet will often hide the pill in its mouth before spitting it out later. However, if you compound the pills into a liquid, you can simply squirt it into your pet's mouth using a small syringe. To make this process easier, your vet may also be able to add flavouring to the liquid medication to make it more appealing to your pet.

Compounding allows for medicine to be tailored to the right strength

Not all pets are the same size. Different body sizes and weights can often impact the amount of medicine which is needed to treat a condition or which is safe to administer to an animal. Unfortunately, mass-produced pills often come in a predetermined strength. If you wish to give your pet a smaller dose, you may need to break a pill in pieces, which can be very difficult. Compounding the medication will allow your vet to tailor the strength of each dose of medicine so it is just right for your pet. Your vet will also be able to mix different medicines together so you can administer multiple drugs at the same time.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact a compounding pharmacy for vets today.